Long Weekend in Listowel

Last weekend Rosemarie and I went to Listowel thanks to a super awesome Sunwing sale. Dad and Kate decided last minute to join us so we ended up having a really nice impromptu family reunion!

I was really happy not to have to drive to Listowel from the airport. I think I only got ~1.5 hours sleep on the plane.

After lunch and a house tour at grandma and grandpas we all drove out to Lake Huron to my aunt’s cabin. We had margaritas and dinner and a campfire. It was fun!

That is Rosemarie getting coached by 10 people on how to make a campfire pogo. We used homemade Italian bread and a hotdog and it tasted awesome. I need to get one of those things because the possibilities are endless… cheese… chocolate?… yummm.

Uncle Terry kept our wine glasses FULL. :)

The next day we took the scenic way to Aunt Joanne’s house via a beach near Inverhuron and my cousin’s new house. The sun was nice and warm but the water was super cold.

Dad cooked a big stir fry and Kate made a chocolate cake for grandma’s birthday.

There was a gust of wind, OK?? :P

We came back to grandma and grandpa’s house to sleep that night, and then just relaxed and chatted the next day until we had to leave. Dad and Kate braved Toronto rush hour traffic to drop us off in the city. Rosemarie and I explored Toronto on our own a bit but I’ll leave that for its own post.

While I don’t think I slept properly any of the nights, I’m so glad Rosemarie and I were able to take advantage of that sale because the trip was worth the pain. It was great to see everyone after not visiting for so long. I would do it again for sure.

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  1. I think it was really great you were able to make the trip as well Katrina- family really is very important! …and I would make the trip for one of Kate’s cakes anytime!! :)

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