Long Weekend Trip to the Sunshine Coast of BC

I had a really great long weekend. Warm weather, lots of food, a bit of travelling. It was a fantastic way to end the summer. 

Horseshoe Bay, BC

More Horseshoe Bay, BC

Me and the nosebleed shirt on the ferry

On Sunday I took the ferry out to visit Lesley who lives on the Sunshine Coast (HI LESLEY). We pretty much spent the day catching up (she was out in Nanaimo for the whole summer) and eating tons o’ snacks and BBQ. It was lovely. We watched a movie too. I can’t remember any other things we did but that’s not to say it wasn’t a fun visit. I would totally go back!

British Columbia is pretty

I stayed overnight and then we took the ferry back together on Monday afternoon.


I FINALLY painted our wooden IKEA Rast drawers. I have been meaning to do that for like 14 months!!


I think they turned out decent. Not super beautiful or anything but kinda neat. At least they are more personalized now and not just ‘cheapest option at IKEA’. BTW, I am gradually turning our house into a rainbow¬†kindergarten.

Yesterday Scott and I went to Washington, but I’m going to leave that for a separate post.

I have failed miserably so far at my photo of dinner every day plan, it’s September 5th today and I have a grand total of ONE dinner picture, and it’s from today. OOPS. I’ll wait until I have a few and then post them all at once I think.

All for now. Posts to come: our mini road trip to Washington, a back-to-school update, and MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH pictures.

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