Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my mom’s friends and all the other mother-like-figures in my life. Thank you for stepping in and making me feel like I’m not missing a big chunk of my family any more. Rosemarie and I are extremely grateful. <3

Also, mom, thank you for cooting the fla.


    1. i always thought the red dot was the fla. i have no idea what the big black thing is, haha. or why i have written 25 in the window?!

  1. Great post Katrina – I think your mum was clever to keep the drawing!! Was 25 your house #?
    Afraid I was too caught up in my own MOther’s Day this year – actually had a child + grandchild to celebrate with so it was with
    a great deal of guilt that I read your blog and realized I hadn’t written to you on this hardest of days….j

    1. Hey Jill, don’t worry, I’m doing okay! I don’t feel too sad this year, which is good. Have fun with your family, I know Cassia is really happy to be going to see you guys. :)

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