Rough Day

Today was rough. We wrote two important and difficult final exams. Both of them didn’t go very well for me. :/ They didn’t go well for anyone, really. We’ll see what happens when marks start popping up. Fingers crossed for bell curving.

We also got our work schedules for the summer. Oooo boy, a lot of 7 AM starts for me. Please keep in mind that WE ARE NOT GETTING PAID. Actually I shouldn’t complain too much about my schedule because VGH has some of the latest starts compared to the other hospitals where they have to be there at 5:30 or 6:00 AM sometimes. The earliest I have to go in is 6:45 AM. ANYWAY the moral of the story is that I am going to be tired this summer.

How much longer is this program?? Ugh.


Tomorrow I have to go scrubs shopping. I’m thinking head-to-toe neon yellow, yeah?


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