New Years Eve Day and Night

Yesterday was really really fun and delicious.

It started off with dim sum with the family. I got to have all of my favourite things, including (don’t laugh at my spelling!!!) ta siu bao, shrimp ha gou, that noodley thing, tons of turnip, eggplant with shrimp, shiu mai, and more!

After dim sum we came home and bummed around for a little bit. Then Rosemarie and I picked up David and Stephanie and we went rock climbing at Coyote Rock Gym.

i'm pretty sure i fell off right after this picture

rose and david bouldering

I was really terrible. I could only do the really easy walls. Any of the rated walls I would get about half way up and then fall off 5 times. My arms are soooooo weak! Rosemarie was excellent. She looks really good up on the walls, very strong and flexible.

I don’t think rock climbing will really be my thing, unless I somehow get bulging biceps.

After rock climbing we stopped by Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell for some reason. I think it’s mostly because I only get to have it every six months. I had a crunch wrap and that satisfied my craving for another long while.

Then we started talking about bubble tea and decided we might as well stop by My Sweet Tea again because it was “on the way”. Rose and I both got the same yogurt-y bubble tea, mmmm. Rose was not really a bubble tea fan before, but she loved this one!! Hooked!! Now we just have to find it in Vancouver.

Shortly after I got home I got picked up by Helenka and her bf Chris and they brought me out to their place for New Years Eve. We ate a nice dinner, drank wine, talked, watched Youtube videos, watched Midnight in Paris, and then counted down to 2012. They drove me home and I felt really wide awake so I stayed up and chatted with Scott for a while. :)

Quite a decent New Years Eve, actually!

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