Reprieve: A Cancellation or Postponement of a Punishment

I painted my nails last night for the first time in a while. I actually have a brief reprieve from school work right now since I finished my last midterm and presentation, and finals are still two-ish weeks away. By “brief” I mean last night and today…. tomorrow I have to start studying for chemistry.

Anyway I think they turned out pretty horrible. I was trying a new technique called “dry water marbling”. Basically you paint nail polish onto a ziplock bag, smear it around a bit, let it dry, then cut out pieces and peel them off the plastic and stick them onto your nails.

It was easy enough to get the pieces stuck on to my nails, but it was hard to get rid of the extra bits around the edges. Plus my colour choices were pretty bad. I like both my index fingers and pinky fingers that are blending two similar colours together, but the other ones just look like messy lines. Blech.

I’ll try it once more and see if it turns out better next time.

We’re going out for the free dinner I won last week and I’m very excited for 7 courses of Indian food. I’ll write about it this weekend.

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