The Irradiation of Sausages


The whole apartment has been smelling like cooking onions ALL DAY. Scott is making a batch of balsamic caramelized onions in the slow cooker and it has to cook for 8 hours and oh my, the smells coming from that thing. Three pounds of onions are cooking down and down and down, I think they are actually turning into candy. We will see. I’ve been drooling for 6 hours and I still have another 2 hours to go. O_O

It doesn’t help that I’ve been reading all these papers about sausages. We have to write a paper for our radiation safety course about “anything to do with radiation”. I started off just researching food irradiation, but after coming across a bunch of useful articles I decided to focus on the irradiation of sausages. Mostly because it is kind of hilarious. Who knew there would be so much information about it! Who knew that there is a scientific journal called Meat Science???!!

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