Skeleton, More Skiing, and Rotisserie Meats

The day after santa ski day I did a skeleton session. I didn’t take any pictures.

I did one run from Maple Leaf for practice and then five from Novice start, which is one corner down from the Junior start I did last month. (Novice start was under construction before.) 10 corners out of 16, BTW.

It wasn’t the best skeleton day. Because of the order we were sliding in I never got to hear any of my speeds and I never got to talk with the coach. Also I was tired and sore from not sleeping and from skiing the day before, so I was a little floppy. I bumped the sides more than usual.

I didn’t get any bruises on my arms or legs though and I did get some pretty good speeds and times (118 km/hr), so I guess the session went better than it felt at the time.

On Monday Scott, Brian and I went out skiing/boarding again. Scott seemed to have improved heaps since the previous morning (when I ditched him, haha). Brian rode switch. It was great being able to spend the whole morning together. We did a nice tour of the green runs on Whistler and even took the Peak to Peak across to do another run together on Blackcomb. The conditions could not get any better than that morning. Clear blue skies, not even that cold or windy. Perfecto.

And it wasn’t even that crowded for a holiday!! I only found it busy at the bottom of the hill near the end of the day. I guess because every single lift was open everyone was able to spread out quite well.

scott and brian

us on the peak to peak gondola

view from the gondola

i caught scott mid-snort

It ended up clouding over just as Brian and I decided to go up to the actual peak. We couldn’t see a meter in front of us! Sucks when you can’t tell if the next part is going to go up or down. That run tired me out soooo bad!!

roasting a chicken in front of the fireplace

Brian set up a rotisserie in his fireplace so we roasted a whole chicken one night, and a big chunk of pork butt the other night. DELICIOUS!!!

getting the roast pork ready

And then Scott and I drove home on Tuesday. What an awesome holiday we had.

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