Skeleton and Brunch and Purple Hair

I did three more runs from corner 3 last night, much more successfully than the other night. Matt and I have been getting times within a few hundredths of a second so the (friendly) competition is fierce. I’m not going again tonight because I’m still getting over a bad cold. I don’t want to be sick for our big trip.

Leslie’s mom is in town so we all went out for brunch this morning. Rosemarie AND Scott were able to come too so it was really nice. We went to the Twisted Fork Bistro and ate lots of eggs benedict and frittata and baked eggs and banana french toast. I love going out for breakfast with people! I miss our monthly brunch club with Zsofi and Jess.

Oh yeah I also have purple hair now??!! Leslie helped me do it yesterday. :D

I’m working tomorrow (ummm better figure out how to put my hair in a bun) and then we’re off to Toronto, so my next post will probably be from Ontario. See ya.


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