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Whistler was funnnnnnn. When we got there on Saturday morning Ivo told me I would be starting from Junior start right away. I was like this —> O_O but it ended up being really good and I had great runs. My top speed was 119 km/hr!!

The only problem with Junior start is that the forces are a lot stronger on the last corner and it’s hard to hold my head up sometimes. My neck strength is what limited me, so after a few runs each day I moved back down to Maple Leaf start again instead. It’s funny how slowwwww Maple Leaf seems now. Ivo showed me some exercises I can do for my neck so I’ve been doing that to get stronger. That will probably help me on all those fast roller coasters at Magic Mountain as well. :D

I didn’t take any pictures over the weekend. Bad blogger.

Here is one I stole from Janina:

rebecca and i

(Funny story: I spent the whole weekend with Janina, who is from Germany, without realizing that 1. SHE WENT TO BELL H.S. FOR A YEAR. and 2. SHE KNOWS MY SISTER FROM OTTAWA. We didn’t figure that out until I got home and Rosemarie asked me her usual question of ‘who from SFU was there’. Anyway, what the heck!!!!!???!!! The world is a small small place.)

I actually drove up to Whistler myself this time. Scott stayed home in Vancouver. I was way more worried about driving then I was about skeletoning(!), but it was totally fine. It was raining, but it wasn’t too cold so there wasn’t any ice on the roads. Whew!! I was driving a bunch of kids from the SFU skeleton club. They all fell asleep on the way there so I guess they trusted me.

And I stayed with Brian and Morgan again. It is so awesome that they live there!!!!

I wish I was in Whistler right now. Blackcomb got almost a metre of snow and is opening early tomorrow with tons of powder expected. Also there is a big bobsleigh and skeleton competition going on which would be pretty awesome to watch. Dang you school and lack of money!!!

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