Summer Placement Choices

We all had to put in our top 3 choices for our summer placements this week. It was a difficult choice, I had to make a pros and cons list and I asked a lot of people for advice.

I ended up choosing Surrey Memorial, VGH, and Lion’s Gate.

Why? The outpatient clinic at Surrey Memorial is brand new and SO nice. Plus everyone was friendly there and it seemed like a great place to learn. It’s also pretty¬†accessible¬†by transit. VGH is Vancouver’s main hospital, it would be very busy and I’d get to see a large variety of patients every day. And I chose Lion’s Gate because they do a lot of brain scans and I still really like brains, but I kind of hope I don’t actually get placed there because it would mean commuting an hour each way every day to North Vancouver. Ew.

It was really hard to come up with a third choice. Every option had at least one significant downside.

I don’t know, we’ll see what I end up getting. Probably every one of us has 2 out of 3 choices the same as everyone else. :/ If they can’t find a way to make everyone happy it ends up going to a draw so I still have a chance of having to go to Vancouver Island for the summer.

We are supposed to find out by the end of this month.

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