Super Fun Skeleton Times

So.. I went to Whistler this weekend. Twice.

I was only planning on going skeletoning on Saturday, but it ended up being such a good session I HAD TO GO BACK for the Sunday session as well. There were people driving back and forth each day so I came home in between the sessions. BOO for spending like 6 hours in the car for approx 6.5 minutes of sliding. YAY for getting to slide from Junior start a bunch more times. And YAY for breaking 120 km/hr for the first time!

It’s kind of funny because I don’t actually care how fast I go this year. Last year I was all about going as fast as possible, but this year I just wanted to move up starting positions, which I already did. I don’t really want to go super fast, I just want to have clean runs with no bumps or smashes. But I have been consistently creaming all the guys in speeds. I was the only one who went broke 120 km/hr the whole weekend. :D :D :D

My next skeleton goal is to meet the land requirements for the BC team by next season. I will have to train over the summer because at the moment I am probably far from it.

In other news: Clinical is still going quite well. I have a lot of homework to do this weekend. My printer is a hunk of junk that likes to shred up papers inside of it. There are only 45 more days until we go to L.A., and 49 more days until ULTIMATE-SISTER-TIME-IN-FIJI!!!

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