What I Am Doing Right Now

  1. Listening to the 2012 Triple J Hottest 100 countdown!!
  2. About to eat a cheese empanada from the Peruvian restaurant near the hospital!
  3. Applying moisturizer to my hands every 2 minutes.
  4. Resting my tired legs from a busy week of running back and forth all day long with a lead apron on at work.
  5. Drinking a homemade pink lemonade bubble tea. :D

Life is nice at the moment.


  1. Katrina – Interesting to see that your legs are tired from working with a lead apron on!! Seems so obvious but I hadn’t ever thought about it! You think of retail as tiring from being on your legs all day – but of course so does your job! … and in your case with added stress ! Bravo -keep up the good work xx jill

    1. yeah it’s true it does make our job a little harder, but i’m trying to stay positive and think about how much easier life will feel when i’m NOT wearing the apron! :D

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