Superbowl Foods

I went from having very little school work to A WHOLE LOT of school work very suddenly. Five midterms in the very near future, including three in a row. AHHH. A lot of assignments. So… I think I’m fully back to school life.

If you haven’t seen it already, Scott posted his February post onĀ his blog!

Out of all the holidays that food blogs “celebrate” (ie. EVERYTHING PUMPKIN IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER, or ALL peppermint Christmas desserts, or Chinese food OVERLOAD for Chinese New Year) I actually really enjoy the pre-Superbowl season. I LOVE party food, the grosser the better. Bring on the liquid cheese.

Scott is definitely watching the Superbowl this weekend but it is unclear whether I will have time or not to watch sit on the couch with my laptop. I may just have to whip up a dish of jalapeno popper dip, a bowl of guacamummus (guacamole + hummus), and a pot of queso blanco liquid cheese ANYWAY.


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