Awesome Gift #6: Two Handmade Quilts

Check out these super beautiful quilts that my Auntie Hsi made for Scott and I as a wedding gift. They are so pretty!

A few months ago my aunt sent us a couple dozen fabric swatches in our favourite colours (me purple, Scott green) and we got to pick out our favourites and send the results back in a picture. Then a few months later these were ready! Rosemarie picked them up when she went to Toronto over the holidays and brought them back to Vancouver for us.

This is my quilt. Night.

And this one is Scott’s. Day.

They are lovely.

Every family should have a quilt and now we are lucky to have two super nice custom ones handmade with love from my aunt. I like thinking about how we will have them forever. I keep looking at mine and smiling. SO COOL.

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