Sweet Sweet Antihistamines

Well that explains it, I’m allergic to trees. Anti-histamines here I come!

from telegraph.co.uk

I went and saw my doctor today for help with my eyes. We all thought it was a bit early for hay fever, and were correct, but he told me it’s tree pollen season at the moment. There ARE quite a lot of trees around our apartment. Bah. NATURE.

In other exciting news I got a big cheque in the mail because I now qualify for assistance in paying for my provincial health care and they refunded me all the money I paid last year. Also our tax returns have been processed and I’m getting quite a lot back from that. AND, I re-qualify for the GST refund thingies again and a big one of those is on its way in early April. THANK YOU GOVERNMENT FOR SENDING ME LOTS OF MONEY.

Back to school today was OK.


  1. Hi hi you poor thing! Eve itching is the worst. I’m nursing a swollen lip today (allergic reaction) and am feeling your agitation! Sooo I spent a tonne of $$ working out what I was allergic to, and the specialist said your body can change during times of great stress, pregnancy, surgery recovery etc. All of my symptoms only became present after being pregnant with Seth! He also said that having low vitamin D can cause you to suffer more too as it to do with the autoimmune system. So although anti histamines do work, you don’t want to be taking them every day, maybe vitamin D supplementation may help? The best one I found was a non-synthetic one (body absorbs better) called D3 drops. More info here http://spinalcentres.com.au/product.php?Doo=ContentView&id=967 Anyway hope it improves for you hun!

    1. thanks michelle. we definitely don’t see a lot of sun over here through the winter so i could be deficient, who knows. i’m not pregnant though… don’t want to start that rumour!

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