This will just be a short post because I don’t want to use up all of Rosemarie’s internet and also her computer is so hot I think it could catch on fire at any point.

I’ve been in Suva since I arrived and it’s been lots of fun. Rosemarie has been taking me to all her favourite places. We went to the market, the forest park, the movies, several bars/restaurants, we ate hot dogs, pumpkin curry, kokoda (a Fijian ceviche type thing), plus lots more. I feel like I have sweated about 5 litres of sweat, but luckily it seems like we are never far from water. So far has just been swimming pools and waterfalls (!!) but from tonight onwards I will be steps away from the ocean.

We’re going to a backpacker resort for the weekend with a bunch of international students (27, I heard!) and then after that I will go off on my own for a week in the Yasawas and Mamanucas. I am looking forward to that.

Here are a couple pictures from our excursion to the forest park yesterday. There were tons of nice cool pools to swim in and waterfalls to pummel your shoulders. Fun times!!