The Orphan Thanksgiving 2012

So this last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and because almost all of our friends here are not from Vancouver (and can’t easily fly home), we hosted a potluck dinner at our house. This year we had 12¬†Ontarioians (Ontarians?)¬†and Australians!

I cooked a 11.5 lbs turkey upside down, and while it took an hour longer than I expected it to take, it turned out juicy and delicious. Much better than last year.

Scott is clearly not a vegetarian anymore

Scott made super rich mashed potatoes and homemade whole wheat bread, and I made stuffing and gravy. Everyone else brought caesar salad with homemade dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts that were 50% bacon, and 20 million kinds of dessert (mostly pie). It was delicious and amazing.

Everyone chowing down

I miss being around my family on holidays like this, but it was really nice to at least be surrounded by friends.

Our house still smells strongly of turkey because I am trying out making homemade stock in the slow cooker. I put the turkey bones and leftover celery, carrots, and onions into the slow cooker, filled it 3/4 with water, and set it on low for 18 hours. Then I strained it as best as I could and right now it’s cooling in the fridge so I can get rid of some of the fat before freezing it. It looks pretty lean though so I might not need to do anything to it.

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