My Annual Canned Pumpkin Rant

Just a reminder that this is a NO CANNED PUMPKIN zone. On this blog you WILL NOT find gross recipes using canned pumpkin such as pumpkin white chocolate cookies/hot chocolate,¬†pumpkin dip/cream cheese/scones, pumpkin pie oatmeal/milkshake/smoothie/french toast. Blech. Why are people so obsessed with ruining perfectly good things by adding canned pumpkin to them in the fall??!! I don’t get it.


  1. Unfortunately canned pumpkin is really no different from say, store bought strawberry jam. One of my friends from university worked on a strawberry farm in the summer. The strawberries that went to the jam factory were the leftover practically rotten ones, yep with fuzzy white stuff and everything else too. He was not a picky eater as I recall, but he never ate store bought jam. Makes you wonder what is in all the other processed foods we eat; salad dressings, peanut sauce, curry paste, mayo with real eggs(how old are they), beer…okay better stop there

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