Time Off

I’m on holiday and it feels SO GOOD.

My exams went fairly well, especially considering how bad my senioritis was. 10 seconds of studying:15 minutes of internetting is probably not the best ratio…

I have all next week off and then I start my summer clinical placement on the 27th.

Scott and I thought we might be moving to the penthouse this weekend but apparently we’re not getting the keys until next Wednesday. I’m not sure why…. Scott said maybe the landlords want to have a patio party for themselves before they let us move in. Haha. Possible, I guess?

Anyway so we’re hoping to move in on Thursday. I CAN’T WAIT. I guess it’s kind of good to have a bit of extra time to pack because we haven’t started at all.

I don’t have any pictures to share or anything because life was pretty boring up until yesterday. So much school. But so far on my time off I have made another batch of Nutella popsicles, and I’m slow cooking some ribs that we’ll have with apple coleslaw for dinner tonight. And after 14 months, I’m getting my hair cut next week! Plus of course I’ll take some pictures of our new apartment as soon as I can.

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