Two Years


I wrote the CAMRT exam yesterday. It was fine, I didn’t find the questions too hard. It was just super long. 4 hours, 200 multiple choice!! I am pretty confident I passed.

So now I just need a job!

Things still aren’t sounding great here. I’ll keep making my calls and keeping in touch with people but I mean… how long do I wait? If any jobs get posted in Ottawa or Toronto I’m definitely going to apply too. I’m also trying to figure out the whole re-certification process for Australia. It isn’t as simple as I thought though. IJUSTWANTTOSTAYHERE.

Anyway at least now I have time to do all those things that I’ve been putting off for two years. Like sorting out ridiculous insurance problems (ex. please send us the denial statement from your other insurer. YOU ARE THE OTHER INSURER YOU DUMDUMS!!) and hanging up all the clothes that fell down in the closet and unpacking boxes from the first time we moved and responding to emails from nine months ago. Heh.

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