Daily Dinners Post #18 of 26

Lots of recipes in this daily dinners post today! They’re linked in the captions in the pictures, which for whatever reason don’t seem to show up on Feedly. You’ll have to click over to the post on my blog if you’re using Feedly and interested in seeing them.

august 25th, 2013 – stir fry

august 26th, 2013 – steak fajitas

august 27th, 2013 – cajun chicken sandwich

More here…

august 28th, 2013 – steak quesadilla with peppers

august 29th, 2013 – frozen pizza

august 30th, 2013 – pulled pork sandwiches

august 31st, 2013 – calamari, premium aburi sushi plate, miku roll, aburi salmon oshi sushi at Miku

september 1st, 2013 – zucchini “pasta” with bolognese sauce

september 2nd, 2013 – fried cabbage and sausage

september 3rd, 2013 – chana saag with naan

september 4th, 2013 – corn tortilla casserole

september 5th, 2013 – spicy peanut cabbage slaw and chicken strips

september 6th, 2013 – grilled cheese with peppers

september 7th, 2013 – spicy peanut cabbage slaw and perogies


  1. your chana saag looks a lot better than the one i made.. mine was 99% spinach and 1% everything else. i think the tomato dissolved. was still tasty though. (is that naan homemade?)

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