Vancouver-y Things

Blossoms on our street.

Another week gone by, nothing from NAIT.

Nothing from BCIT either yet, but since I did the bio challenge and finished the first half of physics (I got an A) I should hear from them any day now.

We just want to make some plans!!!

Ah Canucks in the Stanley Cup finals! We watched the last game downtown. It was nutso, as soon as they won people started screaming and honking their horns everywhere downtown. It was crazy noisy! We all rushed down to Granville Street where everyone was singing and cheering and high fiving each other. Apparently 20,000 people flooded Granville Street! That wasn’t even the finals!!


We took some videos too. Maybe Scott will post one on his blog IF HE EVER WRITES AGAIN.

Work has become very very very boring. I’ve mastered all the different documents so nothing is challenging any more. I could do it with my eyes closed. Well not really, but almost. I’ll obviously keep at it for the next couple months but I will admit I have been dreaming about my last day for a while now.

Well time to do something productive now… so I’m off!


  1. hi,
    this might be kind of funny but . i actually stumbled across your blog when i was preparing for my interview with NAIT and goggled NAIT MRI interview. I just checked my NAIT portal and they just changed the application status today, so maybe yours would be updated too.

    1. omg! thanks for letting me know! i just checked now and it still says pending program decision… wah. i will be checking a lot more now though haha!!

  2. Argh waiting must be so frustrating! Not knowing where to make plans is enough to send the planning part of my brain into a seizure- hang in their hun!!

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