Work Christmas Party

Last night was Scott’s work Christmas party.┬áThe speeches were boring. We had to pay for our own drinks!┬áThe food was yummy. I ate a whole bunch of seafood.

After the dinner they had casino tables for us to play with fake money. That was fun, except for the rude guy at the craps table who was taking the whole thing WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. It’s fake money dude, what’s your problem!!?! Scott and I won big at roulette.

My dress has stars on it.


  1. Isn’t it fun playing trophy wife dress-up? I like to pretend I am trying to impress some important colleagues when we go to Pablo’s work dinners even though they are all just a bunch of scientists on scholarships. Actually, I am excited pretty much any time I have a reason not to wear pyjamas.

    Other things: I am taking iron supplements and then they are going to test me to make sure I have iron-deficiency anemia and they can just tell me to eat more spinach. I will have some left over ones if you want to take them for Scott to try for a couple weeks. Something like mussels (scallops?) also has a lot of iron if he eats seafood.

    Did you ever try my dough recipe? Everyone loves it. It is for very thin crust pizza.

    Oh and you should eat iron with a source of vitamin C to help absorb it, and not with calcium thingies (ie milk).

    I had to catch up with your blog all at once now that I have internet, hence this rambling comment. The End.

    1. it was fun to dress up! i talked with people but no one really asked anything about me so that was lame. i like to freak people out by telling them i’m studying NUCLEAR MEDICINE.

      scott went for blood tests the other day, so we’ll see if he’s iron deficient soon. the doctor hadn’t heard anything about that though, so maybe it’s not even real. i saw it all over the internet though about restless sleepers, but he’s the real doc, haha. i figure once scott starts eating meat it won’t be as much of an issue any more. i will tell him about the vitamin C/calcium thingy.

      and no, i didn’t try that pizza recipe. i don’t understand it!! what’s a dl of flour? also i don’t think the yeast we had was the right type. i only bought the new yeast the other day.

  2. Ooh lots of good info about iron! As you can see I`m also catching up now… I need to get twitter to see your blog links!

    Also, nice dress!

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