A Bit Of Admin Stuff

Lately I’ve been battling a bit of a spam comment problem. I’m talking 1500+ spam comments a day!!! Akismet correctly identified the comments as spam but wasn’t really doing anything to stem the flow. Anyway I’ve installed a couple extra plugins to see if I can block the spammers but it means that you will have to check a check box confirming you are not a spammer before hitting submit on a comment. I hope it does not discourage you from commenting because I love reading them!! Please let me know if you have any troubles at all.

PS I would appreciate it a ton if a few of you tried commenting on this post to test things out. THANKS!


      1. Hoping to. Want to be in Seattle over the august long weekend so visiting was a logical thought:D not to mention I haven’t been there in a while when it wasn’t wet LOL

        Any now i think your check box thing has been fully tested!!!!

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