About Me


  • everything can be an adventure
  • everything is better with cheese


  • FOOD, particularly: cheese, sushi, candy
  • BOARDGAMES, particularly: Settlers of Catan, Agricola
  • SPORTS THAT START WITH ‘S’, particularly: skeleton, skiing, skating, surfing, sailing
  • MAKING ART, particularly: drawing on shoes, making geometric art, screenprinting
  • DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING, particularly: nuclear medicine, MRI

Got a degree in Neuroscience in Halifax, NS, then a certificate in Nuclear Medicine in Burnaby, BC. Did tons of travelling in between in Asia and Australia and even got married as well. Currently living in Vancouver, BC working and eating and keeping fit.

What you’ll find here: Vancouver restaurant reviews, recipes, nail art, crafts, book reviews, fitness stuff, and more! (A bit of everything really.)

P.S. Thank you to Sara Lyons for the awesome portrait! Check her out.

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