The main reason for our Ottawa trip was the ‘wedding-ish’ party. Scott and I were married almost a year ago in Australia, but because of the distance and last minute-ness, a lot of people didn’t get to be there. So we decided to have one final party in Ottawa where we would renew our vows and all my family and friends could finally be included. It took us a long time to finally be able to make the trip but I think it was worth the wait because the party was amazing.

So many great people came together to help make the party a super success. The Monnon’s, Kate, Jane, the Dafoe’s, Rosemarie, dad, MEP and Paul, and more, all helped out so much I am incredibly grateful. Also it was super fun to see everyone again and I loved all the speeches and how much fun everyone seemed to be having. Overall, great success!!!

Oh quickly before I forget. Our Friday overnight flight to Ottawa the day before was ok. We had a lot of turbulence but both managed to get a few hours sleep. We arrive at 9:00 am on Saturday and immediately had to shop for the food we were to prepare. We cooked our dishes on adrenaline and then my grandparents came over to finally meet Scott. We had shishkabobs (sp?), including delicious squeaky haloumi cheese, and Kate’s homemade ice cream, then passed out. Sunday morning we quickly got ready to head over to the Monnon’s for the part-ay.

After the party everyone went home, except Scott and I slept over (in a motor home that is ACTUALLY bigger than our apartment (by ~100 sq feet!!)) and then went boating and jet skiing and stuff, which I will post about later.


Last night Scott and I went out with Carleigh for a nice dinner at The Eatery. The place had a lot of unusual sushi, including a lot of vegetarian choices, and lots of crazy giant paper mache decorations hanging from the ceiling. It was awesome.

Scott and I shared tempura veggies, which were gigantic and good, except for the yam that was still kind of raw.

Scott had two rolls:

  • buddha roll – tempura yams, red pepper, asparagus and lettuce, with dragon sauce
  • the moby – shitake mushrooms and kombu, soy sauce, avocado, sesame seeds

And I had:

  • jalapeno popper – smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno – tempura style
  • godzilla – crab crunch topped with avocado and eel

And we shared:

  • mango paradise – avocado, cucumber, mango and agge

I also had a strawberry sake margarita, which was delicious! And much needed because my jalapeno sushi was incredibly spicy. SOOOOO SPICY. They left all the seeds in part of the jalapeno. I was sweating and my mouth was ON FIRE.

All in all, very tasty. Not the cheapest of dinners out, but it definitely was something special. No pictures because it was very dark inside.

What a rough night last night. I’m sure you’ve all seen it already on the news.

I think I knew the game was over after the first goal.

Then this was the view from Brian’s balcony. For hours. We could see the riot police pushing people off Granville St. The tear gas wafted upwards and stung my eyes and nose way up on the 21st floor. They cancelled all the buses and closed the bridges downtown.

I was pretty worried about getting home. Luckily the Skytrain was still running outbound. It was strangely quiet. I found out today that was because they were having problems at all the other Skytrain stations downtown except the one we went to. Lucky!

On the streets (with zoom and cropping)

People are so stupid. People who brag about their vandalism on Facebook are even more stupid. I hope they actually fine people.

I find the train of thought of the general public/media kind of funny though.

  • Before the game: ‘People won’t riot’
  • Right after the game: ‘Vancouver fans sure are sore losers’
  • This morning: ‘They would have rioted win or lose’
  • This afternoon: ‘They were anarchists from out of town’

Yes I agree that many of the people who started things probably didn’t even care whatsoever about the hockey game, but I think it’s surely a bit of a stretch to say that they were all ‘anarchists disguised as hockey fans’ causing the trouble. Not sure Vancouverites should get off the hook that easily…

Yesterday was such an awesome day!

Well it didn’t start off that way. Work was boring as usual and I still couldn’t get in touch with the BCIT lady. I had to email Toronto by about lunchtime to accept my offer and time was ticking. I never reached her so I had no choice but to accept Toronto.

Scott got an interview this week for a new job that pays quite well. Even more reasons why I desperately wanted to get in to BCIT! Also I’d looked up truck rentals and gas prices the night before and it looked like it would cost $2500+ to drive across to Toronto. Ack.

I actually started tearing up at work because I was so frustrated and anxious with anticipation.

At 4:30PM I left work to head to Brian’s to watch the hockey game. I’d just left the building and saw that I had a missed call and a voice mail on my phone, and it was from the BCIT lady!!!! I went back up to the office to use the phone and hyperventilated! She said that she had been away on a conference and didn’t get back until today and that YES they considered me a strong applicant and wanted to offer me admission! She left me her cell phone number so I called her back and she repeated all that stuff and said she will get my offer sent out on Monday IF I WANTED IT. I was like YESSS YES YES YES I WANT IT!

I was giddy with excitement as I fought through the crowds in the city ( says estimated 100,000 people gathered on the streets!!!) We all watched the game at Brian’s. It was incredibly stressful. We were all tense right up to the last second of the game since I think we were all remembering all the other games where horrible things happened in the last moments of the games. Canucks did it though and won! Everyone expects them to lose again in Boston though and then we’ll have game 7 here in Vancouver on Wednesday.

They might lose though because Scott has to shave his playoff beard on Tuesday night now for the interview!! ;)

After the game we went out to the streets for a few minutes but everyone was really moving around a lot and it was a bit rough in the crowds so I didn’t like it. I tried Japadog (and loved it) and then we went home. My mouth is burnt and scraped from the delicious hotdog but I’m so relieved and so much less stressed and feeling a lot better than I have in a long time. Oh and the Toronto dude wrote back and cancelled my acceptance so we don’t have to pay $500.

More later.

Yesterday was really fun! I had such good luck and things seemed to just keep working out!

I had a relaxed morning (although we got woken up by noisy birds, grrrr) and then I went to the Pacific Centre to try and find a decent bathing suit. No more online shopping for me. I couldn’t find anything at first but then at the last minute I did. Good ol’ H&M. I love you H&M.

Then I headed through extreme hockey craziness downtown to meet up for an ultra Canadian girls night. Granville Street was already packed at 4:00PM. We met up at La Belle Patate for delicious poutine, and since it wasn’t too crowded and they had a TV and cheap drinks we stayed and watched the hockey game there.

Burrows scored the first goal. I always say that Burrows is going to score the first goal. Then Boston scored twice and I started to worry that things were going to go very bad for the Canucks. Then a Sedin tied the game and the game went into OVERTIME! Overtime is SO stressful, but this was THE BEST OVERTIME EVER cuz it only lasted 11 seconds before BURROWS scored and won the game!! OMG we were so excited! Everyone was screaming and high fiving, it was awesome. I believe it was all due to the new Burrows t-shirt that Scott bought me on Friday. Lucky t-shirt! I am not going to wash it.

After the game we chilled at Tanie’s house for a bit and then I headed over to meet Scott at Brian’s house. The boys were very silly and I won my first ever game of Wits and Wagers. Brian got a new deck of questions and instead of them all being about 1900-1930 American history they are about things like swimming pools and Rubik’s cubes and I was getting question after question right.

People were still honking and screaming FOUR HOURS AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER! It is intense in Vancouver these days. So much fun.

Oh and I also got 8 out of 8 footy tips right this weekend. I should have bet on my sports predictions this week, jeeze!!

Anyway wow it’s nearly lunchtime already and I still haven’t got up. Time to study some physics. Oh I’m planning on calling BCIT tomorrow to see what’s going on since Friday is my deadline for Michener. AHHH! Cross your fingers for me please!!