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1. I forget if I mentioned it already or not, but I joined a spartan barbell weightlifting gym and have been going to lessons every week. It’s been super fun!! The coach is helping me re-learn how to squat and deadlift properly, and slowly teaching me the Olympic lifts (snatch, and clean & jerk). The Oly lifts are very complex lifts and even though it’s been a month I’ve still only snatched the 20 lbs bar, and I haven’t even cleaned anything. Last week I learned how to jerk (hehe). I jerked the 30 lbs bar, woop woop.

2. I finally got trained out at the UBC nuc med department and have been working out there a bunch lately. It’s very different than VGH, so quiet and lonely. Only two techs there, with two cameras, although one camera is old and doesn’t get used that much. It’s good to have another site where I can potentially get shifts though. But from 2:30-4:00 I pretty much just stare at the printer in fear that it’s going to print out a suprise last minute requisition.

3. I applied for a PET job at the BC Cancer Agency, had an interview, got asked for references, got a call back…. and then didn’t get the job. Bummer. I really thought I got the job for a while. Maybe it’s for the best though because I am still getting lots of shifts at VGH, and it’s already going to be a busy winter. I always think I’m not going to work a lot, and then end up working almost every day. Hopefully I am fine without PET.

4. This is week 7 of no sugar or simple carbs. I feel good, more stable, less crazy cravings for sugar first thing in the morning. I’ve lost 10 lbs, and Scott’s lost like twice that. However I also feel weaker while exercising, which isn’t ideal. I want to quit the diet so I can get stronger, but the weight loss is addicting tbh. Just 5 more lbs?? One more week?? I don’t know. I think even if I do start eating sugar again, it’s not going to be a lot. Maybe just low GI foods, like a pre-diabetic diet.

Anyway it’s a beautiful blustery fall day today and we’re going to watch the Ottawa vs. Vancouver hockey game tonight. The tradition continues.

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Skeleton Training Lately

My level of motivation for training for skeleton goes up and down dramatically all the time. It varies from WHAT’S THE POINT, I’M NEVER GOING TO BE A COMPETITOR to I TOTALLY COULD BE A COMPETITOR!!!

Right now I’m in the I TOTALLY COULD BE A COMPETITOR state. I’ve actually been doing sprints!! Running is definitely my weak point, since ummm… I hate it. But I watched a billion videos on youtube and am now full of all sorts of tips and hints to make me faster. Today I videotaped myself at the track and reviewed after each sprint and it actually helped A LOT. The videos helped me see that I was planting my foot too far forward, heel striking, and looking too far down. Lots of problems but at least I know some specific things to work on.

I’ve also been doing lots of shrugs to help develop my neck so I can resist G forces better, upright rows so that I can lift my own skeleton sled into the car, cleans for power, etc etc. The off-season is all about doing everything you can to be a better slider without having any ice available.

I know it’s not very likely that I’ll ever be going to the Olympics or anything but it would be nice to not have to be embarrassed by my start times. My goal for this winter is to move up to starting from the top of Whistler, but maybe my goal for after that could be competing for realz. I would love to be able to do the Canadian selection races (one in Calgary and one in Whistler) so that I could have a ranking. Forerunning big races could be cool as well.

I was invited to participate in the Calgary icehouse push camp this August but unfortunately I am scheduled to work every day that week. That would be a lot of money to give up, plus I don’t even think there is anyone available to cover me. Plus flights and everything = $$$$. Sigh. I am hoping there will be another trip at some point over the winter again though.

So the next thing coming up is the summer testing. In the meantime, MORE RUNNING/LIFTING/JUMPING. :D


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What’s New With You?


Scott really wanted to put his sonobe on his head. He mentioned it to me three different times.

Rosemarie and I are going to Listowel next month to visit our grandparents. We managed to get a REALLY REALLY REALLY good deal on flights thanks to YVR Deals. $278 roundtrip including the taxes!

Casual life is weird. When I look forward in my calendar I look really NOT busy, but when I look back in my calendar I see that I worked 3-5 days a week pretty much every week. Finger crossed this keeps happening for the next month until the summer schedule kicks in (where I know I have tons of work).

Scott’s citizenship application has been officially received. They sent him his study pack today. For his test in…. approximately 24 months according to the immigration website.

I should do another crafts update because I have been doing a lot of crocheting and cross stitching!! Soon.

I keep going through waves of emotion about off-season skeleton training. From “I SHOULD TRAIN SUPER HARD SO I CAN BE COMPETITIVE NEXT WINTER AND WIN RACES” to “I’M NEVER GOING TO ACTUALLY BE A COMPETITOR SO WHAT’S THE POINT” and back and forth and back and forth. I find it really difficult to train after working certain tiring shifts at work though, so my regimen hasn’t been super consistent, but I still have been doing weights a few times a week. And I actually started running again, something that I really really hate, but is necessary.

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Spring Skiing at Whistler

Rosemarie, Lauren and I went spring skiing the other weekend up at Whistler. It was my first time spring skiing and I had tons of fun! The weather was soooooo nice.

The snow was still decent, up near the top it had the consistency of white sugar. I felt like I was spreading sugar on toast with my skis. Some runs the snow was a lot more stubborn which added an extra challenge, but it was still ok. A lot of the harder runs were already closed because of low snow cover, so in general we had a very nice relaxing day of skiing.

Lauren did quite excellent for a first time skier! Rosemarie had arranged a private lesson for him as a gift so he did that all morning and then we met up with him for lunch and skied with him after lunch. Rosemarie and I entertained ourselves by trying to do spins and ski backwards.

It was really hot out. I think it was 18 degrees in the village that day, and around 12 degrees near the top. I had jacket vents open and my snowpants unzipped (with shorts underneath). Very breezy!

Rosemarie’s ski selfie.

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Taco Bell Breakfast & Portland 4T Trail

Scott and I went to Portland for Easter this year. We left early on Good Friday hoping to beat the lines at the border but we still had to wait a pretty long time. Cannot wait until Scott gets to have a Canadian passport and we can skip the whole going inside part of crossing the border.

Anyway once we crossed into Washington we headed for the first Taco Bell so I could try the new Taco Bell breakfast. Because I am gross.

steak a.m. crunchwrap

taco bell breakfast burrito

cinnabon delights

I went a little crazy and ordered a Steak A.M. Crunchwrap, a Bacon Breakfast Burrito, and a small pack of Cinnabon Delights. The Crunchwrap was actually really good. It actually had great flavour and surprisingly wasn’t greasy! I would prefer to eat a Crunchwrap now than a McDonalds breakfast sandwich if I had to have fast food breakfast. The burrito was meh and the Cinnabon Delights were good but I don’t feel the need to ever have them again. Scott had a Bacon A.M. Crunchwrap and enjoyed it, but mine was better if you like the regular Taco Bell kinds of flavours.

Taco Bell on Urbanspoon


from 4t-trail.org/

The Taco Bell feast filled us up for the rest of the drive to Portland. After dumping our bags at the hotel we walked over to the base of the Portland Aerial Tram to start the 4T trail. I had found out about this hike before our trip and thought that it sounded like a fun way to see a bit of the city. The premise is that you take a tram, trail, train and trolley in this big loop around Portland.


The tram part was cool, we could see lots of the city. It was a very quick trip, maybe 5 minutes tops.

The next part was the trail. The first bit of the hike was fun, we were chatting, joking around and enjoying nature. It was only once we reached the first signpost that I realized that this was actually going to be a long grueling (for me) uphill climb thing and I hate going up hills!!! It was 4.1 miles, with 900 feet of elevation change. Barf.

I thought the hike was going to take like 30 minutes, but it was more like 3.5 hours. I suppose the views from the top were nice but my heart was beating 180 bpm so I wasn’t feeling great.

Anyway we eventually made it to where the trail meets the train, near the zoo. We hopped on to the train and went back to the downtown core. After all that exercise we decided we should head towards the Pearl District for dinner and ice cream.

I think I’ll save the descriptions of our food for another post. But anyway after dinner we took the trolley back to our hotel to complete the 4T Trail. I slept pretty well that night!!

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