Aussie Treats

Check out this wicked awesome care package we got from Scott’s mum in Australia!

Savoys (similar to Ritz but way crunchier/better), BBQ Shapes, various minty things, choc ripple cookies biscuits, Flake, Wizz Fizz (haven’t tried this yet!), Freddo frogs, Fruity Tingles, Chomp, and some Aussie socks!

It made Scott very very happy. He is rationing everything, heehee.

We may have to send Scott over with an empty suitcase just for Savoys. Australia really has better crackers biscuits.

P.S. How does it make sense to have the same word for a cracker AND a cookie??!


  1. pretty sure we have wizz fizz candies here. they are round come is a strip of individually packaged candies. flavours are cherry, grape and orange. let me know how the ones you got are.


  2. Huh. Was not aware that you guys didn’t have those foods over there. One of those things you just take for granted when you grow up with them I guess. Savoys and BBQ shapes are god.

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