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Half way through the year!

We got our new (to us) bbq running and it is great. I’m really loving grilled eggplant at the moment. The grilled corn I made at our housewarming was really nice too, and it’s a good thing because I’ve got about 8 more ears of corn to eat this week!!

Mmm nutrition. We found the zucchini flowers at the farmers market and just had to try them. They’re one of those foods that they are constantly using on Masterchef and we’ve never really tried them. They were tasty. Other similar Masterchef things: verjuice and figs (although we have tried plenty of figs now). Oh yeah deep frying is terrifying. I think once every 2 years is about as often as I want to try that.

june 17th, 2013 – garlic and chili pasta with scallops and peas

june 18th, 2013 – perogies, cucumber and tomatoes

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june 19th, 2013 – lobster mac n cheese at rogue wetbar

june 20th, 2013 – southwestern wontons and roasted lemon broccoli

june 21st, 2013 – delissio canadian pizza

june 22nd, 2013 – party foods at lesley’s house

june 23rd, 2013 – potato and blue cheese pancakes and steamed green beans

june 24th, 2013 – grilled chicken, eggplant and zucchini

june 25th, 2013 – pumpkin soup and garlic toast

june 26th, 2013 – filipino food from scott’s work

june 27th, 2013 – beef burgers and grilled vegetables

june 28th, 2013 – spicy chicken burger and jalapeno poppers from church’s chicken

june 29th, 2013 – party foods at our housewarming bbq (7 layer dip, garlic bread, bacon wrapped chicken, grilled corn, avocado deviled eggs, hummus, etc etc.)

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