Outpatients vs Inpatients

My dad says all I talk about it food. Oops. It’s true that I think about food a lot, but I do have other stuff to talk about! I declare this post a food-free zone.

I am now in the 5th week (out of 14) of my summer clinical. Most of the summer I am at the outpatient centre in Surrey and it is awesome. The place was only built 2 years ago so everything is new and clean and lovely. The facilities are definitely good there. And to make it even better all the patients are in reasonably good health. They all come there willingly, from home. They don’t require too much extra work.

BUT…. everyone has to do a two week rotation through the hospital as well. It is old and dark and crowded. EVERY patient is an inpatient (admitted to the hospital) and requires LOTS of extra work. They usually can’t walk on their own so we have to transfer them from their stretchers to our camera beds and back. They also can’t get up to use the washroom. Or get something that they need. And to make it even worse lots of them have contagious infections. And terrible veins. AWESOME.

This week and next week I am at the hospital. Monday was bonkers. The last couple days haven’t been TOO crazy but it’s still lots more work than other rotations. My legs are killing me!

I am not looking forward to next week when Scott is gone and I have to cook for myself!! I see a lot of frozen pizzas in my immediate future. (Oops I’m not supposed to talk about food…)

Long weekend coming up though! We’re having a little housewarming party on Saturday and then Scott leaves on the Monday for Australia for Jessie’s wedding. He’ll be gone for two weeks. Hopefully we can get in some good quality patio time over the weekend before he leaves.

At least my next rotation after this hospital one is going to be very easy. Hopefully this crappy non-summery weather finishes by then too!!

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