BC Skeleton Tryouts

I may be smiling in that picture but actually I felt like puking from nervousness!! I was so so so scared to actually do the tryouts. Scott had to drag me there, pretty much. I felt more nervous than I do before giving presentations!!!

Thankfully it ended up being a super small group (5 people) and not super intimidating. My sprint performance was pretty pathetic but I apparently had the best broad jump form. (THANK YOU YOUTUBE!) I jumped 1.78 m which is only about ONE METER TOO SHORT. Lol.

But I guess since so few people actually showed up I made the team? I’m just kidding grandma. I don’t have the time/money to actually do that anyway. Even though it was slightly embarrassing I’m still glad I went and glad I got the chance to show Ivo that I am still really interested in skeleton. I guess it worked because he talked about bringing us to Calgary to try running starts in the icehouse in a couple weeks!!

BTW my skeleton goals:

  • Year 1: Break 100 km/hr. DONE.
  • Year 2: Move up starting positions. DONE.
    • break 120 km/hr (this was mostly Chris’s goal but I beat it first so it became my goal too). DONE.
  • Year 3: do a running start!

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