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Oh my god so much sweet potato!!

september 22nd, 2013 – vegetarian chilli

september 23rd, 2013 – blue cheese yam fries and grilled steak

september 24th, 2013 – slowcooker pot roast with barley, and roasted sweet potato

This was from a Canadian Living recipe. It didn’t turn out as nice as I hoped. The beef wasn’t very moist, which is weird because usually everything comes out super tender from the slowcooker! :(

More in here…

September 25th: This was my first day back at work. I arrived home RAVENOUS and ate my whole plate of leftovers without remembering to take a picture. Oops. It was just pot roast and chilli.

september 26th, 2013 – steak sandwich with roasted sweet potato

september 27th, 2013 – mexican corn pasta salad

Slowly trying to convert Scott from a corn-hater to a corn-lover!

september 28th, 2013 – pie and chips at Moose’s Down Under

september 29th, 2013 – chicken breast, green beans and sweet potato hash

OK so for whatever reason we decided that we were going to try eating like all the fitness people I follow on Instagram… aka pretty much only chicken, green beans, and sweet potato. It started off ok…

september 30th, 2013 – hoisin chicken, green beans, baked sweet potato

Second day… already bored.

october 1st, 2013 – chicken, green bean and sweet potato soup

Scott tried to mix it up a bit by making a soup. I don’t like thin soups very much (I like THICK HEAVY soups) so this wasn’t a big hit in my opinion.

october 2nd, 2013 – asparagus, chicken on quinoa, with a poached egg

I couldn’t take any more sweet potato (I STILL CAN’T) so I came up with this meal. Still very healthy, but a little different. It was good except the asparagus was pretty tough.

october 3rd, 2013 – quinoa with chicken and mushrooms, and steamed broccoli with blue cheese

I can’t possibly go a whole week without cheese!!

october 4th, 2013 – poutine from Costco

What a great way to finish off healthy eating week, LOL. I have no idea how those people do it, eating the same things every day. I don’t want to live like that!! A life without cheese is a life not worth living! :P

october 5th, 2013 – grilled cheese

Small dinner after grazing all day long at the Fraser Valley Food Show.

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