Florence + the Machine

Thanks to our friend Stew, we got to go to the Florence + the Machine concert last night for free. :D We are lucky to have nice friends with connections. The show was in Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. Lucky it didn’t rain.

The show was pretty good! She was running and prancing and jumping back and forth all over the stage. Also she sings really HARD, she must have muscular vocal cords.

I finished my fourth rotation at the hospital (two more to go). By the second week of it I was doing a lot of the work by myself. It was just the same thing over and over again so it wasn’t as challenging. Next rotation I’m on the hot lab shift and I already know it’s going to be intense. Lots of new things and lots of injections. O_O Scared.

We bought a popcorn maker for $10 and a hand mixer for $7 from Superstore today! How is it so cheap???! Hopefully they don’t start any fires. I am excited to make popcorn at home. Now I just have to figure a way to get a little salt to stick on without using a lot of butter. Any ideas? Is coconut oil popcorn a thing? (I mean using coconut oil as a topping, not to pop the corn… it’s an air popper.)


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