What Have I Even Done With The Past Two Months??

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I can’t believe it’s already nearly the end of July. The days and weeks are just slipping by me!! Another month-ish and I’m back at school???!!?!?!

Work is pretty tiring every day because everything is new and I have to be alert ALL THE TIME. By the time things start to feel a little routine it’s time to start a new rotation!

Hot lab rotation has been pretty fun so far. I’ve done about 20 injections in the past three days. :D I saw the images from one patient I definitely remember injecting and it was perfecto – no hot spots in the elbow from a bad injection. WOOT. I don’t get to see all of the images so I’m not totally sure how I’m doing though. I’ve had a couple failures for sure, but I’m getting better I think.

Yesterday I cooked lamb shoulder in the slow cooker. I chopped everything up for it the night before, then Scott dumped it in and set it for 8 hours before he left for work yesterday morning. When I came home in the afternoon the ENTIRE APARTMENT BUILDING smelled like lamb. Not just OUR apartment, I mean the hallways, the lobby, etc. HA.


    1. yah i definitely wouldn’t have picked him from the beginning of the season but he seemed to have improved a lot by the end! or maybe just got really lucky, who knows. the season really ended quickly eh, i was very sad when they said next week was finals week. now what do i watch??!

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