Insomnia Thoughts

It hasn’t been the easiest week.

I can’t help but bummed out knowing that my two favourite people are hanging out together in Australia, while I am here studying and writing exams. I haven’t been sleeping well either, which never helps anything.

Today was particularly rough for some reason. It just seemed like NOTHING was working out in my favour. It was such a disappointing day.

I was in bed for two hours before right now but I got up because what actually is the point of painfully lying there wasting time. I got up and tidied the apartment. Maybe I will stay up late tonight and sleep in late tomorrow. I don’t have any early morning commitments coming up so maybe this is a better strategy to get through this final exam week before Scott gets home.

Well sorry that everything I have written so far is a bummer. That’s just how I feel tonight. BUT, I am determined to make tomorrow better. Tomorrow will be okay.

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