Just a Regular Ol’ Update

WORK/SCHOOL – My summer has pretty much revolved around this. I feel like the majority of my summer has been working, commuting, studying or sleeping (and going to the gym). I’m two weeks away from finishing clinical though so it’s all good. After clinical ends we have a couple weeks to study our butts off and then we write the national certification exam on September 17th.

HOME – We still really like this apartment. Our neighbour situation at the moment is pretty ideal too now. We used to have really loud neighbours to the right. They did things like leave their alarm clock beeping from 10PM to 5AM straight, or have loud arguments on the balcony at 10PM, or have loud parties on Wednesday nights. Then a while ago we noticed we hadn’t heard anything from there for several days. We peeked around the divider to look and all their stuff was still there, but it seemed like there was no one in the apartment for a whole month. Then mysteriously one day all their furniture was packed up and gone, except for a few knicknacks here and there. THEN we noticed that the patio door has been wide open for at least a week now. WHAT HAPPENED???!!! Did they die in there and now they are airing it out?? I don’t get it. (ps I hope no one actually died)

FOOD/DRINK – New favourite drink: strawberry lime cider. Six for $11?? Love this province and their ridiculously cheap cider. Today I baked cheesy garlic bread… FROM SCRATCH. There’s more than one baker in this house!!! It was delicious.

FRIENDS/FAMILY – I’ve been enjoying bubble tea dates and game nights and chatty lunches and hanging out on the patio. We should have another party asap. Friends: just come over any time!! Also I miss Rosemarie a lot and am counting down the days till she comes “home”. At least it seems like she is doing really well in New Zealand (office work weekdays and outdoors for the whole weekend, the usual).

FITNESS – I’ve still been going to the gym 2-4 times a week. Still doing mainly weightlifting but today I did my first attempt at HIIT. I like that HIIT only takes like 15 minutes. I bought a bikram yoga Groupon last week too. Thought yoga might help with my core which will help with skeleton. It would have made my mom SO happy if I had told her I decided to finally try yoga, haha. I’m also thinking about getting back into swimming. I’ve been meaning to write a big post about my foray into fitness so that’s all I’m going to say about exercise for now. New post coming soon.

HOBBIES – What’s a hobby?


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