UBC Apple Festival 2012: So Rainy, So Tasty

The UBC Apple Festival is on this weekend and it just happens to be the rainiest weekend we have had in a LOOONG time. 150+ mm of rain today and tomorrow, supposedly.

Being serious apple enthusiasts, the rain didn’t stop us from going this morning. Luckily a lot of the stuff is under tents. We still did everything we did last year, but just spent less time dawdling in between. We did the whole tasting session (you can try pieces of like 60 different apples for 20 minutes), got the big samples of the new apples, ate lots of samples of apple chips, flavoured almonds, popcorn, and drank warm apple cider.

I didn’t take many pictures this year because it was so wet.

My favourite grocery store apple is the Macintosh. I actually really enjoy that kind of mushy texture. I know I am a minority. Anyway the apple festival is awesome because they cross all sorts of types of apples and you can try all these different variations of the type of apple you usually like (crisp, crunchy, tart, juicy, sweet etc.) and find something that YOU really really love.

yoko, sinta, jonamac

I don’t think they had as many Macintosh-like apples this year, which was a little disappointing for me. I wanted to buy something different, but ended up getting the same type as I did last year, the Jonamac (cross between a Jonathan and a Macintosh). Scott got Sinta and we are going to share the bag of Yoko (which is a good thing because they are ginormo).

I forced everyone to get into a picture. You can see how hard the rain is coming down if you look in front of the umbrella. And how soggy Lesley and Scott look, haha. Yup it was a damp morning.

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