Nuclear Medicine

Today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday we got back our microbiology midterms. The whole class did pretty poorly. I passed, but not by much. Pass is 60% in our program. Today I wrote another anatomy and physiology midterm. She was nice to us!! It was filled with “choose 1 of these 2 questions to answer”, or “choose 4 of these 6”. Sweeeet. I studied a lot for it, and I think I did well.

Last night was very quiet around the Jorna household. Scott was working on his math and I was studying. He’s writing his math test right now.

I went to Metrotown after school today to look for track shoes. I need shoes with metal spikes on them for skeleton this weekend. No one had any! After a bunch of telephoning I think I tracked some down (pun intended). They cost more than I thought though. :( I guess track & field equipment isn’t huge in the winter.


I am really liking nuclear medicine more and more. Sometimes I think it’s totally inefficient and stupid to have to study nuclear medicine before studying MRI, but really I love the whole diagnostic imaging field. And nuclear medicine is pretty awesome. I mean, using specific radioactive drugs to label active areas of the body is pretty neat. In the end it will probably be useful to have two specialties anyway because I think all the technologies are converging into one piece of equipment. Ideally I would get nuc med + MRI + CT + PET.

By the way that kid is growing. All those dark black bits are bone cells dividing in the growth plates.

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