Monday now and I am finally feeling better!

The past few days have been pretty rough in the digesting department.

Today was very good though and I got a lot done. Just two days until we get married and I think everything is under control now for Wednesday and the parties on Saturday. Got both the cakes sorted, my outfit is ready, hair is behaving. I even booked a makeup appointment! We even were given a night in a really nice hotel for this Saturday.

Doesn’t look like web broadcasting is very feasible, but we will definitely have lots of pictures and I’ll post them as soon as possible. Our friend Rhiannon is photographing for us. Also, if you want to talk on the phone, I can use my Skype credit to call you, or you can call us at any time (although day-time is much preferred!) My phone number is +61 435 297 755. We usually find that your late night-my early morning works best, or vice versa.

I can’t really think what else to write about right now. I’m very excited and only nervous about turning too red in front of everyone!!

So busy all the time now. It’s crazy how complicated planning even a tiny wedding is. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like for a big one.

Most things are under control now though. We’ve got rings (although mine is still off being re-sized), I’ve got dresses, we booked a place for the party on Saturday, our friend agreed to photograph, and the invitations are being finished up tomorrow. I guess still we have to figure out cakes (yum!) and a flower for me and a few other small things but those should be fairly easy.

I’ve heard suggestions of web broadcasting the wedding. Would anyone watch it even if it was at 1:00 AM EST? I’ll look into it, but I’m not sure how easy this would be to do. First thing I guess is to check whether they even have internet in the building. If we can’t do this, we’ll make sure to video it I guess.

This weekend coming up is a full one. I work Saturday morning and Scott is going golfing with his mates for him and Jarrod’s upcoming departures, then we have been invited to a formal dinner at the yacht club by John and Muriel. I am really looking forward to it, it’s been a while since I’ve been to anything kind of fancy. Scott has to wear a jacket and tie! Sunday is my bosses birthday party at their new house too which should be good fun. Lots of food and drinks I expect.

The other night we had to throw out a whole dinner. We made Kylie Kwong’s eggplant thing and it turned out GRITTY. It must have been the packet of Szechuan pepper I bought from the Chinese grocery. Maybe we had to do something to it before we used it, but how am I supposed to know… the package was totally in Chinese. I think it also had a heap of MSG because my tongue went numb like it used to in China. Nasty stuff. It was such a shame to throw out so much nicely cooked eggplant, coriander, spring onion and chilli. :( After that disaster I cooked up a stir fry in three minutes with all the bits of stuff we have in the fridge with a bit of hoisin sauce and that was much better.

It has been so so nice having free fruit and vegetables all the time. Isn’t it the perfect relationship, the vegetarian with the fruit vendor? Most days at work I go through the ‘rehab’ box, which is where we put anything that has a crack or sunburn (the best kind of damage, it just means a small brown spot on the surface of the vegetables, only affects appearance), and then pick a few other things we might need for a recipe and my boss lets me take it all home for free. This means we have an endless supply of capsicum, mushrooms and eggplant and other things. Amazing. I am REALLY going to miss this in Canada.

I guess after the wedding the next step is to get everything ready for Canada. I’ve almost finished the visa paperwork, but we haven’t even started figuring out where we’re going to live or what work I can get. It will be extra hard getting started in a new city with way less connections.

All for now.

I’m so sorry for leaving my blog for so long. I didn’t want my family/friends to find out the big news via my blog, so I was waiting to post for a while. Spreading the news has been exhausting so anyway, enough emailing… here it is.

Scott and I are getting married next month!

It’s just going to be a tiny ceremony, 8 guests, on July 14th, and then a party on the weekend for other friends. It sucks but it looks like none of my family will be able to make it. I know we didn’t give much notice.

I need to get to British Columbia ASAP to start establishing my residency so I can actually get into BCIT next year. We know it’s going to be a struggle for a while, we are going to be very poor. This is why we haven’t planned any Ottawa party yet… I really don’t know when we will have the cash to fly anywhere. I really WANT to bring Scott home, but we don’t really know when. We will keep you posted, and eventually there will be a Canadian celebration.

At least Rosemarie gets to meet him soon.

Our friends and family here are very excited for us. Scott and I are great together and they all see that. We are so happy and very confident in our decisions. It has been a very stressful month but we’re getting through it. We’re a great team.