Sens vs Canucks, Games, Mustaches, Nails

Last weekend we continued the annual tradition of going to see the Senators vs Canucks game with Brian and Morgan. I found the first period extremely boring (no one scored) but it got better and they went into overtime. I was looking forward to seeing a shoot-out in real life but the Canucks scored. :(

As I mentioned yesterday, Rosemarie came over this weekend. We played one game each of all the good games: Carcassonne, Settlers, Agricola and Dominion. Rose lost every game, haha, but she is a good sport.

This post includes no pictures of Scott because he has a hideous Movember mustache and I don’t like to look at him. I will do the right thing though and post his link if you care to donate in support of prostate cancer awareness.

I wrote a ton of midterms in the past couple weeks. I did super well!!!!

Final exams start in 8 days, so I’m supposed to be studying right now but I am having a very hard time focusing!!

Oh, I also water marbled my nails again. :/ Instead of studying for math, haha. But I’m pretty sure I aced that midterm so all is well.

My water marbling tutorial HERE.


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