Summer Night Market 2013

The Summer Night Market in Richmond opened a couple weekends ago. Scott and I went with Victor and his gf on the Sunday night of the May long weekend. It wasn’t too crowded when we first got there but crowds increased steadily as the evening went on. I recommend going right at 7PM if you’re planning on checking it out sometime this summer!

These little fish only cost $1 and are filled with chocolate, custard or red bean paste. I like the custard one the most. Warning: they are lava hot on the inside!!

Rotato is a night market classic. They are cheaper at the Summer Night Market ($4) compared to everywhere else. We got salt and vinegar this time but I didn’t like it as much as the flavours I tried last year.

I liked Parmesan Garic (lol) and Sour Cream & Onion last year. They must use the exact same type of flavour powders as they do on chips because they taste identical to bags of potato chips. If I have another one I will probably try White Cheese… maybe it will taste like Smartfood popcorn, which I am addicted to.

We also had a kiwi bubble tea with pearls ($5), shrimp lamb and crispy bun skewers (3 for $7), and a duck pocket and dumplings ($5.75). The skewers were excellent and the dumplings were tasty. The duck pocket was dumb because it only had like two tiny strands of duck in the whole thing.

Victor and his gf had all the traditional night market things like bubble waffles, okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) and takoyaki (octopus ball thingies).

I really like the Summer Night Market because it is cheaper than the Richmond Night Market, but now that I’ve been to it twice I think that’s enough. We’ve tried almost all the food there that I would want to try now. Next time I think we’ll go to the Richmond Night Market because even though it is more pricey they have way more interesting food choices.

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