A week off from school/clinical a couple weeks ago meant a rare chance to do my nails. I dusted off all my water marbling supplies and had a go. It went really well actually, I didn’t mess up any of them up!

PS you can check out my water marbling tutorial HERE.

I also got my hair cut the other week for the first time in 14 months. It was getting pretty straggly and bushy. I like having long hair though so I didn’t get a huge change this time.



Upgrade!! I like the cut. It doesn’t look quite as smooth now though because I don’t usually ever blow dry my hair. :/ Sorry so lazy.

BCIT might be on strike again tomorrow. They haven’t made the official announcement yet though so there’s still a chance I might have school. It’s ruining the vibe of my Sunday, to be honest.

They’ve just been picking random days to strike, so it’s not super disruptive, but still bad. I still haven’t bought my Fiji flights because I’m paranoid that the strikes are going to mess up the schedule for next semester. I hope I will know something soon though because the flights are at a good price right now!!

Scott is in Australia right now! I got a quick note from him saying he was in Sydney. I missed chatting with him though because I was writing my online research methods midterm. Dang. Rosemarie arrives in Melbourne tomorrow.

I painted my nails last night while watching dumb movies. They’re grey with a matte grey accent nail with shiny grey dots. It’s been a long time since I painted my nails last!

Well, back to work for me. Exam week is rapidly approaching.

Nutella pecan pie. This pie was really really really good. I used store-bought crust.

I mean look at that. YUM.

This is the paper that ripped off inside my printer. I called Epson support to get them to tell me how to get it out. I got it out no problem but then the printer decided to say that all of my ink is empty even though I can hear the ink sloshing around the cartridge when I shake it. What a scam.

I complained to Epson on Twitter and the rep said that customer service would be contacting me, but they haven’t yet. I’m not going to let this go though.

Water marbled my nails last week. I like the swirl patterns but I don’t like the colours together.

I’ve been doing school work all day. Ugh. I’ve accomplished a lot though, which is good news. I have three midterms this week, plus a case study, and two labs to do, then four labs total to write up. BLECH.

Oh glorious weekend after a long week at school. We haven’t actually gotten that much homework yet, but being at school sucks compared to working at the hospital. I am looking forward to my first rotation at St. Pauls Hospital, next next week.

For some reason we decided to cook all sorts of things this afternoon.

I made oatmeal choc chip muffins, nutella stuffed choc chip cookies, and two mushroom spinach bacon quiches (although I should have just made one, they turned out really thin). I kind of want to cut out a circle out of one of the quiche and just put it on top of the other quiche. :/

Scott made that amazing looking cheddar jalapeno bread in the middle of the picture, and also tempered some chocolate to make chocolate covered strawberries. OM NOM NOM.

Now every single dish that we have is dirty. Also I have no idea where we are going to put all of this food. Scott said we should have a bake sale.

I think my nails turned out pretty cool last week. I used my nail stickers again. I like the bare nail parts. Pretty handy that this manicure doesn’t get messed up when your nails grow!

Well……… I don’t have much more to talk about at the moment so I guess I’m off to start the dishes now.

P.S. Thank you very much for all your nice comments on my last post. I appreciate them very much. <3

The first day back at school this year was a bit of a mess. Half the class (including me) had a schedule that said we needed to be there at 11:30, but actually we were supposed to be there at 9:30. My leisurely morning was cut very short after I got that text from my classmate saying “WHERE ARE YOU!?!”. Yeesh. I found out later that September 5th is Be Late For Something Day so really I was just being festive, I guess.

The rest of the week went a lot smoother. It was nice to see all my classmates again. Everything was back to exactly like last year, haha.

So far we’ve pretty much just had each class one time. My initial impressions:

  • Applied Physiology (17 hours per week): OMG. This class takes up half of our time at school. 9 hours of it is labs! It is going to be intense. It’s the class that is going to teach us all the stuff we directly need for work. It should really be called Nuclear Medicine 3.
  • Physics (6 hours per week): Barry is back! He’s a really good teacher and we don’t have labs so I’m not overly concerned about this class. I think we’re going to be learning a lot more about the cameras and the reconstruction that the computers do with the images we take, particularly the 3D ones.
  • Pathophysiology (5 hours per week): The study of all the diseases that nuclear medicine generally sees. The notes seem extremely disorganized so far but I think the subject matter will be super interesting.
  • Human Behaviour (2 hours per week): Our other teachers call this class “Feelings”. Our teacher is a psychologist and we are going to get marked on BREATHING. In our first class we had to write down some social norms that exist in our class, so I wrote down things like “Don’t rub your face on other people” and “Don’t lick other people’s stuff”. I wonder if those will make the typed copy she said she was going to make for us.
  • Communications (3 hours per week): Not sure about this one yet. Topics include how to write emails and how to write a resume. Also apparently we are going to have to give presentations AND BE VIDEO TAPED AND REVIEW THEM WITH OUR CLASS AFTERWARDS. OMG that is my worst nightmare. HOWEVER, the teacher seemed pretty good so maybe the class will actually be useful. He is new. His Powerpoint was very snazzy and he did speak very very well, so hopefully we can learn from him.

Yep so that’s 33 hours of class a week. This year we alternate between two weeks at school and two weeks at clinical, but the clinical weeks are not going to be much of a break because they’re going to give us a lot of work that we are expected to finish during those weeks, plus we’re pretty much going to have multiple midterms every school week. Coming home from work to study and do labs is not going to be fun.

Bummer post. I just have to remind myself that I only have to suffer through this for one more year and then I can have a career (I mean, hopefully). ONE MORE YEAR.

Magnetic nail polish. Difficult to photograph… but COOL IN REAL LIFE! Magnetic nail polish is not magnetic itself (as SOMEONE *COUGH* ROSEMARIE thought), but you probably already know that because I am way late to the magnetic nail polish trend. But anyway what you do is paint one thin coat on every nail, then one nail at a time you do a pretty thick coat and then quickly hold the special magnet that comes with the nail polish up to your nail and it rearranges itself into patterns. It looks pretty neat in real life.