Tin Can Knits Flax Sweater

I finished my knitted sweater! The pattern is Tin Can Knits Flax. The yarn is Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury 10 ply.

It was a good pattern to try as a beginner knitter because there are Youtube videos explaining every step. Also my friend was making it too. Her and another friend helped me out many times actually.

Scott told me to do a saucy look over my shoulder. ?

It’s a nice cozy warm sweater. I love that I could make it extra long for my long torso. The only thing is that because the front and the back is the exact same it can be a bit strangly on the neck. But the garter panel down the sleeves is a nice nobbly detail.

(The line down the middle is from folding. I guess I shouldn’t do that.)

Not bad for my first jumper if I do say so myself!

Edited to add: actually I think the line might be from where I had the stitch marker? I’ll just switch that side to the back.

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