A Very Brief Christmas Newsletter

Happy doo doo everyone.

2017 wasn’t quite as exciting as 2016 for us, but it was still a pretty good year. We’ve really settled in to our new lives in Australia and still managed to do a few fun things.

  • We moved into a very nice, but compact, apartment in Camberwell. With a guestroom!
  • I finally got a nuclear medicine job, only part-time, but better than nothing.
  • Scott got a new job, in the smoothie head office. He can make smoothies whenever he wants.
  • Natasha came to Australia, which was truly excellent. Many adventures ensued.
  • Lots of friends and family had babies.
  • I took advantage of working part-time and squeezed in spontaneous visits to Adelaide and Fraser Island.
  • We drove to Sydney for Easter to visit the Lonard’s.
  • We went home to Ottawa for famjam and #canada150, and restocked my Kraft Dinner supply.
  • I joined an Olympic weightlifting club. Even did my first competition. It’s been 6 months and I still suck though.

2018 is looking great so far. We’ve got tons of visitors coming, two camping weekends booked, a trip to Brisbane and Noosa, and of course our big trip to Korea for the Olympics (where we will meet up with Rosemarie for a week). And that’s just the first few months! I also start full-time work in March and maybe that means we can buy a house apartment soon?

PS if you toggle the +/- sign you can display the temperature here in Melbourne and in Ottawa. +25 -25 +25 -25 :D

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