Oh my god so much sweet potato!!

september 22nd, 2013 – vegetarian chilli

september 23rd, 2013 – blue cheese yam fries and grilled steak

september 24th, 2013 – slowcooker pot roast with barley, and roasted sweet potato

This was from a Canadian Living recipe. It didn’t turn out as nice as I hoped. The beef wasn’t very moist, which is weird because usually everything comes out super tender from the slowcooker! :(

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Back again with another daily dinners post. There’s a few restaurant meals in the mix but I didn’t talk about them much because I think I’ll make separate review posts later.

september 8th, 2013 – pesto pasta with sausage and peppers

september 9th, 2013 – pulled pork sandwich with green beans

september 10th, 2013 – alaska roll and spicy tuna roll from Sushi Garden

We picked up sushi before going to a movie… accidentally carried it sideways in Scott’s bag. Oops!! SUSHI SCRAMBLE! Still tasted delicious though. I think Sushi Garden is my new favourite cheapo sushi restaurant.

september 11th, 2013 – homemade burger with avocado and yellow sweet potato fries

september 12th, 2013 – big salad with grilled chicken

september 13th, 2013 – panang curry with chicken, peas, green beans, zucchini, eggplant

september 14th, 2013 – homemade chicken soup with homemade bread

september 15th, 2013 – big salad with grilled chicken

september 16th, 2013 – bruschetta with grilled chicken

september 17th, 2013 – assorted sushi from Sushi By Yuji

september 18th, 2013 – lasagna

september 19th, 2013 – leftover chicken soup and cheesy garlic bread

september 20th, 2013 – savoury pancake and sticky cauliflower

I like the pancake but Scott didn’t, and Scott liked the cauliflower but I didn’t. Ha.

september 21st, 2013 – chicken, crepe, steamed buns, lobster, cheesecake from Richmond Night Market

Lots of recipes in this daily dinners post today! They’re linked in the captions in the pictures, which for whatever reason don’t seem to show up on Feedly. You’ll have to click over to the post on my blog if you’re using Feedly and interested in seeing them.

august 25th, 2013 – stir fry

august 26th, 2013 – steak fajitas

august 27th, 2013 – cajun chicken sandwich

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