For the third (!!) year in a row we watched the AFL Grand Final at Moose’s. I cannot believe we’ve been here that long!! Also the name Moose’s Down Under really doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t it be called something like Wombat’s Up North or something?? Also why does it look like a cantina?

We didn’t win. Also Scott drank about 900 of those Boag’s.


I didn’t really care about either of the teams but it was still fun. I like seeing a bunch of riled up Australians. I didn’t see anyone crying this year though…

Whataweek what a week.

Monday through Thursday I was out at clinical at my new hospital. While they definitely do a few things differently, it wasn’t a huge adjustment from what I got used to in the summer. Most of the routines and protocols seem to be the same. It’s a smaller department but they’re still very busy.

The patient population that goes to St. Pauls is a little different than VGH even though it’s not really that far away though. (St. Pauls is right in the downtown core of Vancouver). There are a lot more no-shows and we often can’t just call them and see where they are because they don’t have phones (or addresses).

I’m on the stress lab rotation where we get the patients up on the treadmill so we can give them the tracer while their hearts are being stressed. It is not my favourite rotation because there is a lot going on at once and I don’t get to sit down at all. I will be happy when these two weeks are over.

On Friday’s we have school, even if we are out at clinical for the rest of the week. It’s the only time we get to see the other set. Our classes kind of stink on Friday but I love seeing everyone and getting to compare our clinical experiences. We had a good long gossip session at lunch today, haha. Today felt really weird, like an odd mix of a Monday and a Friday and I keep getting mixed up. 

Well this is getting long and it’s text-only so I guess I’ll just wrap up here for now. Happy Grand Final day and GO HAWTHORNE (I guess??). We’re off to Moose’s Down Under for Grand Final 2012 Aussie fun.

The other night we were having veggie burgers for dinner (the Costco ones are SOOO GOOD!!, even for non-vegetarians) but around 5:00 PM Scott realized we had no buns. Instead of going back out to buy some, he decided it would be easier to just make them from scratch! I’m not sure I quite follow his logic, but he likes making bread, and they turned out quite nice.

Yesterday was a big day.

1. I found out that I am going to be doing my summer placement at Vancouver General Hospital. VGH was my second choice, so this is pretty good news. It’s not too hard to get there from our house, it has the latest early start, and it’s a big busy hospital where I should get to see a lot of variety. I’m pleased.

2. Almost all of my classmates went out for a sushi lunch after school. We went to Sushi Garden, near Lougheed Mall. I had an Alaska roll, a yam roll, and a tuna roll. The Alaska roll was very delicious (it is apparently their speciality) and the other two were fine, but not great. It was cheap though and overall seemed like a good place. I’ve been told there is another one right near our house, so maybe I will try it out again sometime.

3. Scott and I went to the Aussie pub last night to go watch some footy. It’s the very first round of the season and Melbourne (my team) was playing Brisbane (Scott’s team) so of course we wanted to see the game. Unfortunately my Demons got beat pretty bad.

4. I bought my new camera!! I got the Canon SX260 HS. I haven’t used it too much yet but so far it seems very nice and fast and smart. I am looking forward to using it in the future. Now I need to go somewhere where I want to take a lot of pictures! This probably means leaving the apartment…

Well that’s pretty much all the fun stuff I have to say at the moment. I have A LOT of school work to do this weekend so I’ll just be here at my desk for the majority of today and tomorrow. Bummer.

Since I last updated:

  • Scott updated his blog (link over there on the right –>)
  • I took public transit to Ikea, something I hope never to have to do again (ow my arms)
  • Painted two of three paintings (sneak peek there –>)
  • Had some friends over to warm our house
  • Baked cookies (new recipe, delicious), made guacamole (yum as usual), bloomin cheese bread (ok), and whipped black beans (not so great)
  • Killed Rosemarie’s computer (oops)
  • Watched lots of movies and TV
  • Played Dominion (I won, as usual) and Agricola (I lost, as usual)
  • I won the Jorna family footy tips competition

Yesterday was really fun! I had such good luck and things seemed to just keep working out!

I had a relaxed morning (although we got woken up by noisy birds, grrrr) and then I went to the Pacific Centre to try and find a decent bathing suit. No more online shopping for me. I couldn’t find anything at first but then at the last minute I did. Good ol’ H&M. I love you H&M.

Then I headed through extreme hockey craziness downtown to meet up for an ultra Canadian girls night. Granville Street was already packed at 4:00PM. We met up at La Belle Patate for delicious poutine, and since it wasn’t too crowded and they had a TV and cheap drinks we stayed and watched the hockey game there.

Burrows scored the first goal. I always say that Burrows is going to score the first goal. Then Boston scored twice and I started to worry that things were going to go very bad for the Canucks. Then a Sedin tied the game and the game went into OVERTIME! Overtime is SO stressful, but this was THE BEST OVERTIME EVER cuz it only lasted 11 seconds before BURROWS scored and won the game!! OMG we were so excited! Everyone was screaming and high fiving, it was awesome. I believe it was all due to the new Burrows t-shirt that Scott bought me on Friday. Lucky t-shirt! I am not going to wash it.

After the game we chilled at Tanie’s house for a bit and then I headed over to meet Scott at Brian’s house. The boys were very silly and I won my first ever game of Wits and Wagers. Brian got a new deck of questions and instead of them all being about 1900-1930 American history they are about things like swimming pools and Rubik’s cubes and I was getting question after question right.

People were still honking and screaming FOUR HOURS AFTER THE GAME WAS OVER! It is intense in Vancouver these days. So much fun.

Oh and I also got 8 out of 8 footy tips right this weekend. I should have bet on my sports predictions this week, jeeze!!

Anyway wow it’s nearly lunchtime already and I still haven’t got up. Time to study some physics. Oh I’m planning on calling BCIT tomorrow to see what’s going on since Friday is my deadline for Michener. AHHH! Cross your fingers for me please!!