After 3 months, 61 episodes, 22 eliminations, (+ 2 days of complete social media ban) it was time for us to watch the Masterchef Australia Season 7 finale. We had Rosemarie and Lauren over for a 4 course team challenge finale watching dinner where we all made fancy things from the show.

Lauren made salad rolls with shrimp and a dipping sauce.

Rosemarie made sesame beef tataki with gochujang aioli, pickled vegetables and puffed rice. Plated up in modern, negative space style.

Scott made meat pie with homemade crust, and homemade tomato relish (ketchup, hehe).

And I made lemon & thyme ice cream sandwiches with a lemon thyme syrup. Let’s not talk about the TWO glass bowls I shattered while double boiling, or the ummm… XTREME DARK CARAMEL syrup that fused itself to the pot…

Scott killing his forearms at Rosemarie’s bouldering charity event. I had to help attach ice packs to Scott’s wrists with elastic bands, haha.¬†Bouldering is fun, but hard! Ow my lats.

I LOVED having purple hair but I didn’t love how fast it faded, and the mess. Oh god, the mess. It stains everything!! Shower curtain, clothes, bed sheets, couch cover… everything. So I made an appointment at the Aveda school to get it all fixed up. I asked for permanent bright purple but to be honest we had no idea what shade it would come out since it would be a mix of types of pigments. It ended up coming out super dark purple, and I love it. I wish I had gotten my whole head dyed. Perhaps I will go back in a few weeks and get the colour all over.

A billion lacey cookies. So easy, so tasty!! I think this recipe could be customized lots of ways. Next time I will use some kind of nut, like macadamia or pecan, instead of oats.

My allergies weren’t too bad last week, but the past few days they have been worse than ever. My eyes feel like they have crumbled corn chips in them. Aghhh.

Work had been great lately. I’ve been working a lot. I am going to start doing therapsheres as well. It’s all working out well these days and I really hope it continues like this!

Mint Oreo brownie ice cream cake for Scott’s birthday. This cake was AMAZING. So many different types of sugar, so many different types of delicious. Would have been easier if I had a spring-form pan, instead I had to improvise with bits of cardboard and parchment paper, haha.

Our attempt at chili cheese fries. Good, but needed more liquid cheese…

Rosemarie made us a nice lunch platter one day when she was staying with us. She really was a great house guest. Those little bottles are filled with delicious balsamic reduction that we bought at the apple festival.

Scott’s co-worker gave him about 9 billion key limes, which he promptly turned into key lime pie. One naked key lime pie, and one key lime pie with meringue (above). I liked the naked one more… it was super super limey. He also juiced all the extra limes which I used to make margaritas, and guacamole.

SO LATE. Budget Bytes Crispy Peppermint Bark. I love the addition of rice krispies to the bark. It adds a nice crunch and keeps the costs low. I want to make this again right now, even though it is totally not Christmas. Bark in any season I say!

December 31st, 2013

  • 4PM-5PM: prepare porchetta for the next day
  • 8PM-10PM: party at Matt’s apartment

  • 10:30PM-01:30AM: glow in the dark NYE bowling

January 1st, 2014

  • 10AM: open up Christmas pants!!

  • 2PM: polar bear dip at English Bay. You can experience this for yourself by watching this video!
  • 2:31PM: ho’ cho’ w/ hella whip
  • 4PM: put porchetta in the oven, shower
  • 4:30PM: PRESENTS!!! FINALLY!!!

Ever heard of a hairbrush Katrina??

  • 7:00PM: delicious porchetta sandwiches for dinner
  • 8:00PM: Bob’s Burgers, then bedtime (it’s been a big day!)

Oh my. It’s been a while since I last blogged about regular life stuff. I’ve got TONS of stuff to talk about!! The next bunch of posts might get a little random in here.

Way back in December Lesley came over for another dinner and games night. Rosemarie was still living with us at that point so we got to test out my homemade Ticket To Ride Australia with FOUR PLAYERS. It worked! But Scott and Lesley kept mixing up the yellow and green so apparently I need to do some touch-ups on the board. ;) We still need to make nice tickets as well. I’ll post the whole thing when I’m done (probably in about 8 years at the rate I’m going).

We made stuffed crust pizzas for dinner. Scott made the dough, then we stuffed the crusts with cheese strings and/or hot dogs (!!). If you make these, be sure to pinch the dough tightly shut around your stuffings so they don’t leak out. I had chopped up tons of other toppings so we could each make our own custom pizzas. Plus lots of mozzarella of course.

The pizzas came out deformed, but delicious. DIY stuffed crust works, although I would probably just stick with the cheese strings in the future, the hot dog was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too salty (who woulda guessed).

This was also the night that I learned how to make margaritas at home. My latest favourite drink EVER. On the rocks, with fresh limes. There is an Asian grocery store down the street that often sells $1 bags of slightly old limes, perfect for squeezing! Anyway due to several PITCHERS of margaritas, no other pictures were taken this evening, haha.